Puppy education

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Puppy Classes

5-Week Course - $260

Includes my in-depth course guide, homework, and training tips booklet.

Pups 8 - 18 weeks old

Starting Dates:

Tuesday  16th August 2022 at  6:30 pm

Saturday 20th August 2022 at 9:00 am

Our early puppy education is designed specifically for developing puppies. Young puppies are very impressionable, and their earliest experiences can have lasting effects on their behaviour. Our trainer uses scientifically proven positive methods to encourage a fun and effective way to communicate with your pet. This five-week class is designed to help puppies grow into well-adjusted dogs.


We gently expose your puppy to different situations while creating a positive association with those situations at the same time. The more a puppy is appropriately exposed to different things at a young age, the more accepting he/ she will become of different things and experiences later in life. ​


We want to help our puppy parents gain knowledge and skills which will prevent future problem behaviours.

We cover puppy behaviour and development, work on confidence building, socialization, body awareness and basic obedience, as well as how to manage your puppy when problematic/ unwanted behaviours arise in a kind and gentle manner. ​

Guardians will be taught about: ​

The principles of positive reinforcement learning;

Puppy behaviour and development;

Getting your puppy comfortable being handled and groomed;

Managing chewing and mouthing;

Teaching your puppy to reliably 'come' when called;

Addressing jumping up;

How to interpret body language and canine communication;

How to manage the environment at home;

Learn to prevent resource guarding, leash reactivity, separation anxiety and more as they get older.

Puppies will be taught: ​

Watch me! (focus)

Sit, down & stand

Impulse control (manners) like a 'wait' and not to jump up,

Introduction to walking on a leash

Coming when called (Recall)

Play with toy/fetch

Vital handling skills in preparation for vet visits and grooming,

Body awareness and confidence-building exercises,

Inter-canine social skills, Relaxation protocols,

Crate training, & so much more!


All exercises are taught as fun games, and together you will work as a team through humane, science-based reinforcement training techniques in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere. 

Guardians receive weekly homework sheets and a course guide, as well and a training tips booklet and certificate at the end of the course. 

Puppy Class (Level 1) is one hour long, held in Mt Albert. 


Once puppies have graduated, you can choose to move to the next level which is our Life Skills (Level 2) Class. ​

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Life skills & New Recruits 


Life Skills Training & New Recruits Classes


This is open to all those who have completed our Puppy Classes, and those who may or may not have been to a puppy class elsewhere.

Starting Date:

Saturday 20th August 2022 at 12:00 pm

Saturday 27th August at 10:30 am


For puppies after puppy class & for 'teenage' dogs who have not been to puppy training. 

Both classes are aimed at dogs 18 weeks and older. Our Life Skills Classes is an intermediate class that we offer straight after puppy class for guardians who want to continue puppy education training.

Our New Recruits Classes are for dogs who need a little help through their 'teenage' phase.

As your puppy gets older their needs change as they enter the next stage of their puppy developmental phase. You may notice they become more reactive to things they have never reacted to before as well as become more aware of the environment around them, and more distractible. I want you to know this is 100% completely normal, and all puppy guardians go through this. You are not alone!


Whether it is an older dog, or a puppy entering adolescence our goal is to teach them that the world isn't so scary and we are safe, fun, and more rewarding than anything else, no matter what environment they are in and what's going on around them!

In this class, we want to work on confidence-building exercises, and impulse control and teach the 'teenage pup' to make good choices in life, for example, coming when called is way more rewarding than continuing to sniff the ground, or playing with friends. We also want them to learn that new things can be ok, and you don't have to bark your head off at them out of fear because they are not going to 'get you', because you are safe. This is done through fun games and positive reward training. 

What the course covers:

  • Confidence-building exercises to help through fear reactivity.

  • Emergency management (how to avoid dangerous situations).

  • Relaxation skills - teaching your dog how to relax and feel safe in different environments with distractions.

  • Getting your dog's attention outdoors (taking concentration exercises to the next level)

  • Recall games.

  • Leaving enticing items using ‘Leave It’ while on a walk’.

  • Walk with me ( Loose leash walking in different environments).

  • Politely walking past other people and dogs.

  • Café Manners ( Helping the dog to be confident and relaxed in a public places).


* While being in a class environment does help social skills, this may NOT be an appropriate environment for a dog who may have serious social problems, as it can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience for some dogs with poor social skills. Not all dogs can cope in a group environment. A behaviour and training assessment would be recommended.  We want to set dogs up for success from the very beginning and not put them in a position where they will fail. 

Behaviour Consultations


Our early puppy education is designed specifically for developing puppies. We aim to help you produce a well- adjusted, socially acceptable, adult companion dog by gently exposing your puppy to different situations, and creating a positive association with the situations at the same time. The more a puppy is appropriately exposed to at a young age, the more accepting he/ she will become of different people and experiences later in life.


Behaviour Consultation

Auckland Central

North Shore

West Auckland

South Auckland

2 Hours- $380 

Including a mixture of practical training, in-depth discussion on history, as well as developing the behaviour modification and management plan. Training journal also included.

If you are experiencing specific behavioural problems with your dog, you may choose a behaviour consultation. When choosing a professional to help you, it is important to consider academic background, and practical experience. Emily is an Accredited Animal Behavioural Consultant as well as a Certified dog training practitioner with 18 years of hands-on practical experience.

Behaviour Consultation (2 Hours)

Behaviour problems include:

Generalized anxiety,

Unnecessary barking,

Fears & phobias,

Anxiety-related behaviours,

Aggressive behaviours,

Fear-based reactivity,

Leash reactivity

Compulsive behaviours (tail chasing/ shadow chasing/ excessive licking etc.),

Inter-dog household aggression,

Destructive behaviours (digging/ chewing),

Inappropriate soiling, urination or defecation

Introduction of new family members such as a newborn baby

The behaviour consultation is held in your home environment and is an extensive questionnaire to find out about the problems you are experiencing. You will receive a full written report after the consultation which is for home and veterinarian use. The report includes the full behavioural assessment and modification plan, as well as a step-to-step program to follow at home with a training journal.

The consultation will involve a mixture of practical training and discussion as well as developing the management plan. Email and phone support related to the presenting problem are also offered for a period of three months after the consultation. 


Behaviour & Training Assessment - $170 (1 Hour)

Identifying and assessing behaviours. 

No written report is given. This is a once-off fee. The assessment is held in your home environment. After our assessment, I will develop a step-by-step training program for you to follow, as well as a training journal to track your progress. 

If travel is outside Auckland centre there will be an additional charge of 80c per km.  Keep in mind learning does not start and end in one training session. Sometimes you may need 1, or 2 sessions after the initial assessment to help you achieve your desired training and behaviour goals.

One on one training


Our early puppy education is designed specifically for developing puppies. We aim to help you produce a well- adjusted, socially acceptable, adult companion dog by gently exposing your puppy to different situations, and creating a positive association with the situations at the same time. The more a puppy is appropriately exposed to at a young age, the more accepting he/ she will become of different people and experiences later in life.


In-Home Dog Training

1 Hour - $170 *Location dependant

All breeds, all ages 

Whether you have an eight-week-old puppy or an eight-year-old dog, a solid training foundation is key to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your pet. Our training programs cater to dogs at all stages of life and help ensure your dog maintains good manners in and out of your home.

Our in-home training service offers a private training solution that’s tailor-made to your dog’s individual needs. We specialize in practical training to help you and your dog understand each other better by using reward-based training methods that enhance the bond between you and your dog. Sessions may take place in your home or at a park.

Private training lessons help with:

General obedience;

Puppy raising & socialization;

A holistic approach where nutrition, exercise, and enrichment complement training;

Focus exercises;

Leash pulling;

Replacing undesirable behaviors with more appropriate responses;

Leash reactivity;

Jumping up;

Recalls (coming when called);

Individual puppy class sessions;

Dogs who suffer from anxiety/ generalized anxiety;

Separation/ isolation distress;

Dogs with fear reactivity;

Behaviour modification for problematic behaviours;

Having fun and building a relationship.

Our Motto Is - DO No Harm, Cause No Pain, Create No Fear.

Enrichment Walks/ Puppy Home care


Enrichment Walks/ Puppy Home Care

Auckland based

1 Hour - $55 - $75 *Location dependant

We offer unique and dynamic walks. If you have worked with us then you will know the benefits of mental stimulation, sniffing, training, and appropriate socialization. A regular walk just isn't enough for your dog! We help with your dogs mental, physical and social needs.

This service is for when you have limited time from your demanding job and need some extra help. We come to your house and work with your dog on issues you are having which can help speed up your training goals.

Enrichment walks & training can help with:


Fearful puppies or adult dogs

Leash pulling

Fear reactivity

Confidence building

General basic obedience

Life Skills training

Recalls (coming when called)

Water desensitization

What this service offers

*Enrichment walks include Socialization, Sniffari, Trick Training.

*Decompression walks ( a walk in nature where your dog gets to sniff, explore, have quiet time, and just be a dog.)

*Training options include focus & engagement, sit, down, wait, come, settle, relaxation protocols, & loose leash walking.

*This service is also for guardians that are just looking to fill their dog's days with some stimulation and fun training to reduce boredom at home! 

No pack walking

Our dog walks are in small groups of no more than four dogs at a time to ensure a safe, fun, and fully supervised walk.

We are incredibly strict when it comes to your dog's safety and well-being. Playdates with other dogs will only be offered when deemed appropriate for your dog.

Puppy Care

Reassurance and play for your puppy while you're at work.

Bringing a new puppy into the home is an exciting time! We understand that when you go back to work it is important that your puppy has as normal a routine as possible.

See Spot Learn can help by providing daily visits to help take care of your puppy without the worry of leaving them alone all day. 

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Mt Albert Based

Gentle grooming for your dog.

No matter your pup’s age or breed, regular grooming is an essential part of pet care. We provide a variety of luxury treatments to help your pup feel their best! From bath and brush service to a full cut and style experience, our professional groomers are here to pamper your pet.


Unfortunately, being in an unfamiliar space with new sounds smells, and sensations is challenging for almost any dog and a visit to the groomer can be a particularly stressful or even frightening experience for certain dogs. While dogs can become comfortable being groomed over time or may even learn to enjoy grooming, some never get totally accustomed to the experience.

We strive to employ positive, reward-based training as part of an emotionally protective approach to pet grooming. This is an approach to grooming built on patience and trust with the goal of getting your dog more comfortable at their grooming appointments.

We focus on your dog's emotional well-being and comfort. No two dogs are the same when it comes to their fears and worries during grooming. Some dogs are nervous simply being in a new environment, while others are fearful about specific parts of the grooming process like the bathtub, hairdryer, or having their feet handled.

Our approach is to look for the smallest signs of stress in your dog and adjust the pace, technique, and even the location of the grooming process to ensure your dog’s comfort—whether that means slowing down or even grooming your dog on the floor instead of up on a grooming table.