Dog Training Services

Discover the all-in-one stop for dog-related services at See Spot Learn, where science-based techniques and positive reinforcement training shape a brighter future for your dog. Our training programs offer expert dog training, personalised behaviour consultations, engaging puppy training classes, and professional dog grooming services, as well as engaging enrichment dog walking. 

Dog Training

At See Spot Learn, we are firm believers in positive reinforcement training. Backed by scientific principles, this approach focuses on rewarding desired behaviours and fostering a trusting relationship between dogs and their owners. Our experienced and qualified trainers harness these methods to guide dogs of all ages and breeds towards a happier healthier life. From foundational training to advanced skills, our training programs are tailored to accommodate your dog’s unique personality and needs.

Behaviour Consultations

Understanding that each dog is an individual, our qualified animal behaviour consultant – Emily Dustan – offers personalised consultations to address specific behavioural challenges. Emphasising science-based techniques, she specialises in addressing anxieties like separation anxiety, reactivity, fear-based behaviours, and defensive aggression, as well as compulsive behaviours. By applying evidence-backed methods, Emily works towards building your dog’s confidence, creating positive associations, and creasing a lasting transformations that enhances the quality of life for you and your dog.

Puppy Training Classes

Puppies hold the promise of a wonderful journey, however, it can be a challenging and overwhelming time while you’re trying to figure out how to get used to a new life with your puppy. Our engaging puppy training classes ensure a solid start. Rooted in science-based practices, our puppy training sessions encompass toilet training, leash skills, recall training, socialisation, environmental management and vital life skills to build your pup’s confidence. We don’t believe your puppy should ‘obey’ you, we believe that training is about nurturing vital life skills that enhance your puppy’s confidence and foster positive behaviours. With interactive activities and expert guidance, our classes ensure that you and you and your puppy learn valuable skills while enjoying the process of learning. Early puppy education is crucial for your developing puppy, and our experienced trainers create a safe and fun learning environment where you and your whanau can all learn together.

Dog Grooming

A vital aspect of your dog’s well-being is grooming, and our parlour is equipped with professional groomers who employ reward-based techniques to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety. From basic maintenance to breed-specific styling and creative grooming, our services contribute to not only a healthy coat but also the early detection of potential health issues.

Dog Walking

Add joy to your dogs day and alleviate boredom with our Enrichment Dog Walking Service. It goes beyond a simple walk, we engage your dog’s senses and mind, providing a stimulating experience that combines exercise with mental engagement. Our trained handlers explore varied routes, incorporate interactive games, and introduce sensory stimuli to keep your dog curious, happy and mentally engaged. With a focus on holistic well-being, our Enrichment Dog Walking Service ensures that every outing is an adventure that nurtures both your dog’s body and mind.

See Spot Learn is dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to dog care that aligns with modern science and a code of ethics that promises to Do No Harm, Cause No Pain, Create No Fear!

Our team, driven by a genuine passion for dogs, continuously updates their knowledge in dog training, behaviour modification, and grooming techniques. By staying ahead of scientific advancements, we deliver services of the highest calibre. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner seeking guidance or a seasoned enthusiast, See Spot Learn stands ready to be your trusted partner.