Life Skills Group Classes

Our Life Skills Classes cater to dogs navigating their ‘teenage’ phase or those who didn’t attend puppy classes. Designed for dogs 18 weeks and older, these classes follow our puppy program, serving as an intermediate step for ongoing education. 

Whether you’ve completed our puppy training course or not, all are welcome to join and enhance their dog’s training journey.

Starting dates:
September 16th @ 10:30 am

Our Dog Training course is aimed at dogs 18 weeks and older.

As your puppy matures, their development needs evolve, entering a new phase that might lead to increased fear reactivity, heightened environmental awareness, and greater distractibility. It’s crucial to understand that this shift is entirely normal, and every puppy owner faces similar challenges. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey!

Whether it’s a growing puppy or an older dog, our mission is to help the dog know that the world is not as intimidating as it seems. We aim to help our dogs through this time and give them safety, enjoyment, and create positive associations towards ‘things’ they are uncertain of. We do this through engaging games and positive reinforcement training techniques.

What the course covers:

  • Confidence-Building ExercisesTackle fear reactivity head-on by engaging in confidence-boosting activities that empower your dog to help overcome anxieties. 

  • Emergency management: Equip yourself with the knowledge to steer clear of hazardous situations, ensuring your dog’s safety at all times.

  • Relaxation skills: Nurture your dog’s ability to find calmness and security amidst various environments and distractions, promoting relaxation and confidence.

  • Outdoor Focus Training: Elevate your dog’s concentration skills outdoors, enhancing their responsiveness and focus even in distracting surroundings.

  • Recall games: Elevate recall skills through enjoyable and engaging games, ensuring your dog’s prompt response regardless of distractions.

  • ‘Leave it’: Master the art of diverting your dog’s attention from tempting items using the ‘Leave It’ cue, enhancing their impulse control during walks.

  • Loose Leash Walking: Discover the secrets to polite and controlled leash walking skills, adapting to diverse environments and scenarios.

  • Social Etiquette: Teach your dog to walk respectfully past people and other dogs, fostering positive interactions during outings.

  • Café Manners: Cultivate your dog’s confidence in public spaces with an emphasis on relaxed behaviour, ensuring enjoyable café experiences.

Enrol in our Life Skills Class today and embark on a transformative journey that empowers both you and your dog to navigate the world with confidence, skills, and joy.


* While the class setting offers benefits for improving social skills, it’s important to acknowledge that it might not suit dogs with significant social challenges. For certain dogs struggling with poor social skills, a group environment can be overwhelming and stressful. we prioritise the well-being of all dogs and understand that not every pup can thrive in a group setting.

To ensure the best outcomes, we highly recommend a behaviour and training assessment before enrolling your dog. This assessment allows us to tailor a suitable plan to your dog’s specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where dogs can succeed right from the start, avoiding situations that might lead to failure. Your dog’s well-being and progress are our top priorities.