Dog Behaviour Consultation

I am Emily Dustan. I am an Accredited Canine Behaviour Consultant as well as a Certified Dog Training practitioner with 18 years of hands-on practical experience.

My methods are safe, practical, kind, and evidence-based in science. I also work with a variety of veterinarians across the country and have worked with many dog rescue organisations in aiding the rehabilitation of rehomed dogs.

Are you experiencing aggressive behaviours, fear, and anxiety from your dog?

  • Growling in various situations?
  • Show reactivity on walks?
  • Hiding and running away?
  • Growling around toys or the food bowl?
  • Exhibit discomfort around guests in your home?
  • Unable to leave your dog along at home?

If you are experiencing specific behavioural problems with your dog, then a behaviour consultation is recommended. I specialise in all dog behaviour cases from general behaviour issues like barking, and leash reactivity, to anxiety-related behaviours, extreme trauma & aggression-based cases. I work with families and their dogs holistically to ensure they receive the best support and coaching to improve their companionship and emotional well-being.  

Dog behaviour consultation

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I can help give you the tools to understand your dog and create a plan to manage the behaviour. These tools will give you the confidence to handle your pet and help you both overcome the difficulties you are experiencing.

The initial consultation will give us an opportunity to accomplish several things:  

  • Delve deeper into the issue – I will help you get to the root of the behaviour.
  • Learn how to manage the behaviour and environment so it does not worsen.
  • Getting started on foundation skills.
  • Teach your dog new coping skills/ alternative behaviours.
  • Learn how to safely practice new skills around evoking stimulus that triggers reactivity.
  • Get answers to your pressing questions.
  • Take the first step in your behaviour modification and training plan.
  • Learn about your training options.

​Initial consultation $395 (exc gst)​

The behaviour consultation will last a minimum of two hours and is held in your home environment. It is an extensive questionnaire to find out about the problems you are experiencing and involves a mixture of in-depth discussion, practical training, as well as developing the training and management plan.

After our consultation, you will receive a full written report which is for home and veterinarian use. The report includes the full behavioural assessment, prognosis, recommendations, and the behaviour modification plan, as well as a step-to-step training program to follow at home. 

Email and phone support related to the presenting problem are also offered for a period of three months after the consultation. 

Behaviour problems include:

  • Generalized anxiety
  • Barking
  • Fears & phobias
  • Separation anxiety
  • Dog to human reactivity
  • Aggressive behaviours
  • Fear-based reactivity
  • Leash reactivity
  • Compulsive behaviours (tail chasing/ shadow chasing/ excessive licking etc.)
  • Inter-dog household aggression
  • Destructive behaviours (digging/ chewing)
  • Inappropriate soiling urination or defecation
  • Introduction of new family members such as a new-born baby

Ready to improve the life for you and your dog?
Feel confident that you and your pet will learn skills you need to manage life events safely so that you can lead a more calm and comfortable life together.