Private Dog Training

Welcome to See Spot Learn
My name is Emily. I am a qualified dog behaviourist and dog trainer with over 18 years’ experience. I am also registered with various prestigious force- free training organisations. I am here to help you and your dog start on the right paw so you have a better life together.

Do you need help with:

  • Leash pulling?
  • Reactivity on walks?
  • No recall (your dog not coming when called)?
  • Excessive barking?
  • Jumping up?
  • Unable to have guests in your home?
  • Not listening?
  • Destructive behaviours – chewing on all the wrong things, digging, etc..
  • Toileting issues?
  • Poor social skills?
  • A fearful dog who needs confidence?

Whether you have an eight-week-old puppy or an eight-year-old dog, a good training foundation is key to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your pet. Our training programs cater to dogs at all stages of life.
Private dog training sessions can be beneficial in supporting and promoting individual learning at a pace that is suitable for you and appropriate for the learning progression of your dog. These sessions can help you with:

  • Teaching you skills to give you the confidence in handling your dog or puppy.
  • General day to day manners.
  • Puppy development and education.
  • A holistic approach where nutrition, exercise and enrichment complement training.
  • Replacing undesirable behaviours with more appropriate responses.
  • Building a fearful dog’s confidence.
  • Individual puppy training sessions to get a great start in life.
  • Having fun and building a better relationship.


The first step is to book for a behaviour and training assessment.

Step 1 - Initial assessment (1 Hour) $190 (exc gst)

The assessment will give us an opportunity to accomplish several things:

  • Getting to the root of the problem.
  • Understand training goals and addressing expectations.
  • Learn how to manage the behaviour so it does not worsen.
  • Setting up a training program & environmental management protocols.
  • Get answers to your pressing questions.
  • Learn about your training options

The assessment is held in your home environment. This will involve understanding the problems you are experiencing and practical hands-on training to give you the starting skills to manage the behaviour. After our assessment you will receive detailed homework with a step-by-step guide to help you in your training program.

Step 2 – Your training package (4 sessions – 1 hour) $495 (exc gst)

Learning does not start and end in one training session. If you feel you need additional support in your journey, you can choose a training package to help put your new skills into practice. This package still includes emailed notes and any adjustments in your training program.

Our motto is – Do No Harm, Cause No Pain, Create No Fear