Training Humans, Teaching Dogs

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Embark on a transformative journey with your dog through “Training humans, teaching dogs” – a revolutionary dog training book that shatters the mould of traditional training methods. Say goodbye to quick fixes and hello to a fulfilling a real partnership built on patience, understanding, and modern science.

This easy-to-follow dog training book isn’t just about teaching your dog to respond to your cues– it’s about uncovering their unique personality and fostering a bond that transcends words. Learn the art of positive reinforcement, backed by scientific research, as you embark on an adventure of discovery together.

No more outdated training styles or bewildering myths – this book rewires your approach by delving into the canine psyche, decoding their language, and unveiling the way they perceive the world. “Training humans, teaching dogs” is a treasure trove of insights that not only teaches you to teach your dog but also empowers you to comprehend how your dog ‘thinks.’

Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a first-time pup parent, this book is your unwavering companion. Experience the happiness of your dog’s development, from a mischievous pup to a confident, joyful family member. Your training journey starts here – grab your copy now and set forth on an unforgettable adventure of connection, communication, and shared happiness.

When it comes to training puppies and dogs, there are no quick fixes or shortcuts. Just patient people willing to put the time and effort into allowing their puppies and dogs to reveal their uniqueness.

In this easy-to-follow book, trained animal behavioural consultant Emily Dustan shares her contemporary science-based positive reinforcement training methods. Methods built on the true-and-tried principles her mother instilled in her as a child.

She enlightens readers with a down-to-earth tone while maintaining a humorous vein to keep them engaged. She implores owners to ignore outdated training styles, dispel myths, and instead read their pets’ body language and understand how the dog “thinks”.

Dustan provides the pillars to a potent interaction that helps change not only the puppy’s behaviour but also dog owners’ dated perceptions.

Training humans, and teaching dogs is a timeless reference that should have pride of place in every pet lover’s bookshelf. Buy your copy today and take your first step on the path to creating that special bond between you and your dog.…/dp/B0BMDXQV23/ref=sr_1_1


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